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20 May 2012

Yes, that is Onésimo Cepeda Silva. The former boxer turned priest, NASCAR fanatic, PRI militant, scammer and schemer (his family had a pyramid scheme going where they were selling funerary niches in the Cathedral… betting that by the time you tried to collect you’d be dead anyway. Pretty slick), art thief and forger and — in Aguachile’s words — “thug bishop”, has led the Diocese of Ecatepec since its creation 17 years ago.   Cepeda recently turned 75 which means he had to tender his resignation to the Vatican. Which accepted it.

Looks like he’s replacing Jake Blues and joining the band. Though the Blues Brothers were relatively honest folk going about their mission from God.

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  1. 22 May 2012 11:02 pm

    He does look like Jake Blues! Still waiting for an explanation on that $100 million art collection he supposedly got ahold of.

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