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Provisional Resolution of Yo Soy 132 in translation

1 June 2012

The first Asamblea Nacional Interuniversitaria, held Wednesday at UNAM released their “Provisional Resolution” to the press in Spanish.  My translation, with some footnotes, follows. 

Provisional Resolution from the working groups conducted by youth and student activists in the “Yo soy 132” Movement, organized by the Asamblea Nacional Interuniversitaria (Inter-university National Assembly). The event took place on May 30, 2012, on “the Islands” of Ciudad Universitaria[1], UNAM, and included participants from 54 public and private universities from throughout Mexico, as well as various artists, intellectuals, academics and representatives of civil social movements.  Over 90 local, national and international media were on hand.  The meeting was attended by over 6500 people.

1. Our social and political positions

We are an autonomous, non-partisan movement, pluralistic, inclusive and pacific.

  • We declare that culture, art, and education are our most powerful weapons in this battle of free expression, protest and political participation.
  • We oppose the imposition of any candidate self-selected by the media, as well as biased reporting by the media, especially on the part of the major TV networks of this country.
  • In the electoral context, we protest media manipulation and are expressing our dissatisfaction with an contaminated electoral process that aims to restore old political regime.
  • We believe that the old PRI regime practiced state violence, repression, authoritarianism, widespread corruption, opacity in public decision making, and coerced voters, among other undemocratic practices.
  • We believe that there is sufficient evidence to show that candidate Enrique Peña Nieto is the current face of that old regime and of the projects it represented. We wish to clarify that this is not hatred or intolerance of the candidate himself, but we are fed up with what the PRI candidate represents.
  • In light of this, and whereas student by themselves will not be able to prevent the restoration of the old regime, we call on other social organizations that likewise are indignant over the present state of our nation, to carry out different pacific protests, and join in presenting proposals in our country.

2. Regarding the electoral situation and the lack of information and transparency in the voting process, the motion states:

  • We do not trust the Federal Electoral Institute or political parties. We recognize that an electoral fraud is in development, which can lead the country into a much deeper social and political crisis.
  • We are for a clean, transparent and equitable electoral process. We reject any form of imposition, through whatever means, of the PRI candidate: Enrique Peña Nieto.
  • We call for national unity. This movement and social movements in this country have an important potential to change things. We have the ability to organize and change the course of our nation.
  • Faced with a possible scenario of electoral fraud or imposition, we propose to document everything that happens during the election, through visual mechanisms, social networks and alternative media.
  • We propose to mount a campaign to denounce the undemocratic, illegitimate and fraudulent processes during the election.
  • We demand that IFE recognize “Yo Soy 132” observers as election monitors.
  • We call on international organizations such as CELAC (Council of Latin American and Caribbean Nations) to participate in in the July First election as international observers.  We propose a petition drive to collect signatures for this motion.
  • We call on civil and social organizations with similar concerns as ours to build with us an independent citizens computer center, with observers throughout the country to make a parallel computation of election results [done by IFE].

    We demand that the next debate on June 10, be transmitted live on national television, and the “Yo soy 132″ movement be allowed to bring up topics for discussion:  particularly in education policy and media democratization.

3.Regarding media participation

  • We demand a code of ethics for the media and the establishment of an ombudsman, or advocate for the media audiences, guaranteeing the right of reply contained in Article 6 of the Constitution.
    We demand a revision of the current scheme by which candidates are allotted air time.
  • We promote the creation of media specific to each state’s universities, as well as a nationally broadcast television station for UNAM.
  • We propose, as of Monday, 25 July, that everyone in the Yo Soy 132 Movement open their modem keys, to guarantee access to society of information distributed on the web[2].
  • We will encourage the creation of various alternative media movement.
  • We will create a podcast is called “Who is Peña Nieto,” which will be disseminated on  public transportation and though other means.

4. Post-electoral agenda and scope of the movement

The “Yo Soy 132” Movement will continue after the election period, in support of democratic and viable national projects.  The post-electoral agenda for “Yo Soy 132” movement has identified the following salient goals:

  • Reforming media and communications policies.
  • Establishing a movement to fight for the demands of society, regardless of the election.
  • Demanding transparency and the rendering of accounts.
  • Demanding democratic access to communications media.
  • Bringing to public attention, documenting and preventing feminicides.

5.With respect to educational policies, the movement requires:

  • That education budgets be presented transparently.
  • That access to a free education for all Mexicans, and the ability to attend school, without distinction, at all levels and at all educational systems in the country, be guaranteed.
  • That there is a total rejection of the “Educational Loan Program for Higher Education” which  is in violation of third paragraph of Articles 24 of the Constitution[3].
  • That there be constant turnover of teaching and research staff in the public universities, as well as incentives and dignified retirement benefits for academics.
  • That Elba Esther Gordillo be removed of his position as lifetime President of the. We demand the impeachment of Elba Esther Gordillo, and an an investigation of  bank accounts and properties, owned by Elba Ester Gordillo, her family and their henchmen.
  • That the Secretary of Public Education has a relevant background in education.
  • That we eradicate illiteracy throughout the country.

6. In matters of science, technology and healthcare, the movement declares: 

  • We demand that two percent of the budget be dedicated to REAL Science and Technology.
  • That proselytizing  through social benefits be banned[4].  Health is a right and not a commodity.
  • We demand in the next presidential debate the candidates express their priorities, strategies, budget and cabinet nominees in the areas of Health, Science and Technology.
  • We demand the creation of the Secretary of Science and Technology.
  • We demand that multi-disciplinary courses in health promotion, science and technology be created for all levels of basic education.
  • We demand media, television and radio, include space for scientific information.
    We demand that the elected government hand over to the “Yo Soy 132” Movement and to society, the task of monitoring compliance with health, science and technology programs and activities.

Ciudad Universitaria, a 30 de mayo de 2012

[1] A large open-area meeting space on the UNAM campus in Ciudad Universitaría.

[2]  YoSoy132 is asking for is their supporters to open their personal WiFi modems to general access, either removing the passwords, or just turning on the WiFi key … making it possible for those with access to a computer, but not internet access to tap into the web.

[3] The Programa de Créditos Educativos para la Educación Superior is a government-guaranteed student loan program to cover the costs for private (usually religiously affiliated) university.

[4] Still relatively common, health care projects (like immunization clinics) are often presented in such a way as to leave the impression that they are a “gift” of an individual office holder, political party, or business enterprise.

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