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The godmother

1 June 2012

I’ve always been bothered by the assumption that social service is  best left to “ladies who lunch”  here in Mexico.  DIF (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia), the family services agency, is traditionally in the hands of the wives of governors (though, when the governor is a woman, I’ve yet to hear of her husband running the agency) and, at the national level, by the First Lady.

Photo: Karla Lucía Pablo/La Opción de Veracruz

We’re extremely unlikely to have a “First Hubby” as a result of the next election, so for now, it looks like DIF will be the province of the wives of the well-connected, rather than professionals. Not that DIF doesn’t do good work, and no matter what one thinks of Veracruz Governor Cesár Duarte, a shout-out to the state’s First Lady, , who worked with the states Secretariat of Health to get more midwives trained and in the field, cutting in half the maternal death rate.

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  1. 2 June 2012 2:50 am

    Javier Duarte

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