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Our fine cultural ambassadors

6 June 2012

Via Guadalajara Reporter:

Out working the beat at Chapala’s main intersection on Thursday, May 24,  [Hector Magaña Rios] flagged over a woman behind the wheel a Jalisco-plated car who wasn’t wearing her seat belt. He says the driver nearly ran him down as she pulled over toward the curb and then cussed him out when he approached to check her documents.

He took greater umbrage when she tried get out of a ticket with a 200-peso bribe, on top of calling him an epithet referring to a part of the human anatomy. “She threatened to report me to the commander. I answered, ‘That would be me.’”

…  the driver admitted that she knew buckling up is required by law, that she offered a mordida which Magaña refused and indeed gave him quite an earful. “He called me a rude American and I fired back, ‘no, I’m a rude Canadian.’

Told that the mordita-ee claimed she was “racially profiled” (is “Canadian” a race?), Chapala’s Traffic Police COMMANDER Hector Magaña Rios (indeed, it was he on patrol that day) produced the last 500 traffic tickets written in Chapala and only two or three were written for foreigners.  Maybe the rest paid bribes… or… maybe the complaint is just that foreigners really don’t like it when honest coppers do their job.

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  1. 6 June 2012 7:44 pm

    “Privilege” knows no bounds…. or so some think. 🙂


  1. Best headline evah! « The Mex Files

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