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We’re doomed! Bieberians at the gate

10 June 2012

Earlier today, when the today’s much larger “Yo Soy #132” protests (which more and more are turning into anybody but Peña Nieto protests) reached the Zocalo, they were met by … pre-teen and teen-aged girls camped out in anticipation of Justin Beiber’s free concert (on a stage in front of the Cathedral) tomorrow evening.

“pOgue”, on the Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree: Mexico message board caught the action and posted a video:

..the Bieber girls were going berzerk! A big encampment of them at the bottom of 5 de Mayo jumping up and down chanting with the marchers! Amazing!! Along with the Bieber posters taped all over the bank windows, they’ve got signs that say “132” and “Beliebers Conscientes Se Unen con Contingent” And my God, when they shriek… it puts the hammer and sickle crowd to shame. Gave me chills. This could be the beginning of something big…

Later this evening, with a jumbotron set up to show the Presidential debates for citizens who either don’t have TVs, or just prefer to watch their TV shows with a few thousand of their friends and neighbors found the Beiber-ians have an agenda of their own, not quite in line with the thinking of most “Yo Soy #132” sympathizers:

Ni Peña, ni Peje, Justin para presidente”, [Neither Peña nor “Peje”… a nickname for Lopez Obradór… Justin for president!]was the phrase that grabbed the spotlight and annoyed those Capitalinos who came to the Zocalo to watch the second debate by the Presidential candidates.

The shout was picked up by about 900 adolescent girls between the ages of 12 and 15 who broke through security cordons erected by the Federal District Public Works Department surrounding the stage being built for singer Justin Beiber’s concert, scheduled for Monday for 10.30 P.M. (Irving Pineda, ADN My translation)

I don’t know which is more frightening… the thought of 900 adolescent girls run amok … or the prospect of Jusin Beiber as overlord of Mexico.

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  1. Allen Graham permalink
    11 June 2012 8:05 am

    Better Justin Bieber than pene nieto.

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