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26 June 2012

In the 2006 election, one of the more difficult to explain away anomalies was that the “PREP” returns — the supposedly mathematically valid statistical sampling of results from polling stations throughout the country — began to show an increase in votes for Felipe Calderón that just slightly over-matched the drop in votes for AMLO on results appearing on the PREP report after 10 PM.

It may have been coincidental, but the explanations have never been all that convincing, and — of course — the ballots themselves were never counted, nor were the reported results checked against the tally-sheets prepared by monitors at the individual polling stations.  The monitors prepare the tally, post the results and sign them after the polls close at 6 PM.  They results are publicly posted and available to the public.

The “official” returns are supposed to be based on those tally sheets, with the ballots themselves as backups, if there are questions.  However, checking those tallies (which could have been manipulated after the fact) against the actual ballots was never done in 2006,  which has left the lingering suspicion that the “fix was in”,  and that frauds at individual polling stations was simply missed.

For those who want to take participate in the election beyond voting (citizens, I mean), and crossing their fingers to hope their own ballot box wasn’t tampered with, “yosoy#132” has a request.  Take a camera, photograph the tallies and upload the photos:

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  1. 26 June 2012 4:41 am

    There are a few things mixed up here: the PREP was not a statistical sample – the “conteo rápido” was. PREP is the tally sheets results reported in, and they were done so in a non-random fashion, as whatever station reported in first (urban) was added to the PREP.
    A number of tally sheet results, equivalent to 2.5 million votes, were taken out – per agreement with all parties, and were always accessible to the parties.
    To say they were “never counted” is not correct – they were, and that’s what the PREP and the official tally sheets from the districts reflected. All were not recounted – and they should have, in my opinion, but Calderón was too cowardly and irresponsible to accept it – but of the recounts that did take place, first by IFE and then TEPJF, the left got to choose almost all locations, that is, where PAN had won. It didn’t alter the results significantly. To add, recall that the PREP, with the 2.5 mill included, and the contéo Both were extremely close to the final and official results – the chance of it all being manipulated in advance to “guess” what the final result would is close to nil.

    But the photo capturing of the 2012 casillas by #132 sounds like a great extra safeguard in any case… I wonder how many of them will show up to register as observers – I read somewhere that IFE extended the deadline for this.

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