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Yucateca Lysistrata-gy

26 June 2012

PAN Presidential candidate Josefina Vásquez Mota, speaking to a women’s group in Tizimin, Yucatán has a suggestion for turning out the vote among the usually apathetic Mayan male voter.  She exhorted her audience to convince their husbands to vote for her party because  “we want a free Mexico, because we want a debt-free and prosperous Yucatan,  because we love our children and because we are the choice that provides  stability and freedom ,” and… if that’s not enough — husbands who don’t vote should expect to spend the next month with no  “loch“.

Then, she condemned the practice of bribing or threatening voters. A mixed message to be sure, but at least we all learned  something that might come in handy at some poi:  the Yucateca Mayan word for nookie.

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