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9 July 2012

The issue of the [gift] cards, the accounts and all, is an issue that I don’t know if it will be sufficient to overturn an election with these margins, but it should be resolved.

When Felipe Calderón is saying this you know it’s become painfully obvious even to him that there was a huge problem with the July election. Although his party (PAN) is not calling for annulling the election, it has issued separate complaints from MoReNa, the Citizen’s Movement-Workers-Democratic Revolutionay coalition against the PRI.

About the only holdout to resisting a PRI imposition is former President Vicente Fox — who, in issuing statements encouraging voters from his own party (PAN) to rally behind Peña Neito has pretty much guaranteed he will be expelled from his party.

(source: CBC News)

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  1. 9 July 2012 9:03 pm

    Now John Ackerman is raising another interesting point: can the elections be annulled on the basis that irregularities were so pervasive that the constitutional principles of equality, legality, liberty and authenticity have been breached? He claims that if 25% of the polling places exhibited irregularities, the election would be automatically voided.

    YoSoyAntifraude has complained about irregularities in 15% of the 77K poll sheets it has examined.

    While it’s unthinkable for the IFE to annul the election, Calderon’s comment simply adds to the sense that P-Nieto’s presidency has failed before it has begun.

    • 9 July 2012 9:08 pm

      My reading of the law is that IFE doesn’t annul elections, but that TEJPF MUST annul the election if there are more than 25 percent of the polling stations showing irregularities, and MAY annul it for “widespread” irregularities. But, John Ackerman would know more about this than I would… or ever will.

      • 9 July 2012 9:51 pm

        Right: I was speaking (or, rather, writing) imprecisely. As I understand it, the TEJPF is the judicial body which conducts review of whatever the IFE does. However, the IFE is the probative body which decides which matters rise to the level of being irregularities, so to the extent it confirms irregularities, it increases the probability of annulment and to the extent that it rejects challenges, it entrenches the election result.

        I think it’s all theoretical, because the system is rigged from top to bottom. Neither body can act to block the election because they are controlled by higher forces, and those higher forces decided that P-Nieto would be an attractive body to occupy the presidency while more sober minds run things.

  2. 10 July 2012 12:11 am

    We’re getting into uncharted territory here… I wouldn’t rule out Peña Neito being forced to step aside and — as when Obregón was assassinated after winning the 1928 election, but not yet sworn in — an interim president being appointed by the Chamber of Deputies to serve until 2014.

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