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Democratic Vistas

10 July 2012

THIS is what democracy looks like.  Although PAN appears to be backing away from filing formal complaints with TEJPF (the electoral tribunal), the unseemly rush to legitimize the election of Enrique Peña Neito is creating the largest political protests in the history of the planet.  While tiny in numbers, we even have a few protests in the tourist zone here in Mazatlán (oh where oh were is today’s Rafael Buelna?) .

There are those who would dismiss the protests as either pro-AMLO or simply the disaffected young.  Neither of these are true, although there is some validity in the criticism…but so what?

If the vote for Peña Neito was invalid, or if Pena Neito was an invalid candidate to begin with, then AMLO was the winner.  And, anyway, the protests are not pro-AMLO, but anti-Peña Neito and anti-“mainstream media”.  That the media (both here in Mexico and abroad) is doing everything possible to avoid covering these very real issues is reason enough to take to the streets.  Attention must be paid.

And why shouldn’t the protesters be the young?  Who fights in the front lines of other wars for much less  worthy causes … the old?


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