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Bishop of Ecatepec… easy act to follow

17 July 2012

With rogue Bishop Onésimo Cedepa Silva having managed to retire without the scandal of seeing him dragged off to the slammer (as was a very real possibility any number of times), the Diocese of Ecatepec probably will find Oscar Roberto Domínguez Couttolenc, a welcome change.  While Bishop Cedepa was known for hanging with the rich and famous, and his “creative” financing (including, it appears, a weird pyramid scheme involving pre-need burial plots), Bishop Domínguez was  the Bishop of Tlapa (Guerrero), the poorest Diocese in Mexico.

A former missionary priest in Kenya, Domínguez was his order’s financial director for a time, so one has to assume his fellow priests trust him with the collection box.  Even if he has collaborated closely with Opus Dei in Guerrero, I’ll just take a wild stab in the dark and say the 56-year old native of Puebla is going to be a tremendous improvement over his predecessor.




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