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Ahh, get outta town

4 October 2012

There has been almost no news coverage of the uprising in Montozintla, Chiapas (north of Tapachula, close to the Guatemalan border). This might have something to do with reporters having been attacked by police, but then again, it could be that no one is quite ready to admit that resistance to the incoming governments is more than protest marches by intellectuals and students in Mexico City.

The Tapachula daily El Orbe reports that several communities in the region have seen demonstrations against perceived voter fraud and the “impostion” of municipal governments from the PRI and PVEM coalition considered by the protesters and demonstrators to be illegitimate.

In Motozintla, El Heraldo de Chiapas (usually considered a pro-PRI publication) says the situation is one of “tense calm” and claims clean up from the fires started in municipal buildings was in progress. However, the facebook page “Revista Altitud” says the fires were still burning today… the fire department hasn’t been paid.

Revista Altitud also reports that Motozintla’s the new presidente municipal (mayor), Oscar Gallindo who had to be sworn in at his house on Monday (surrounded by state police guards) showed up at his burned out office today, only to be sworn at, and, again surrounded by state police guards, decided not to meet with his constituents.

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