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Death the great equalizer?

5 October 2012

Surrealismo Mexicano; 60,000+ drug war dead, the vast majority of those deaths un-investigated. Thousands of mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters continue demanding justice for the deaths of their loved ones. But the son of a powerful and disgraced Mexican politician is murdered, a politician under investigation for fraud and corruption, accused of increasing the debt of the state he governed from around 200 million to 35 billion dollars in just five years, and they send in 5,000 federal security soldiers, marines and police. It’s hard to fathom the priorities of Mexico’s federal government.

(Deborah Bonello, re: the federal response to the murder of José Eduardo Moreira Rodríguez, son of disgraced former Coahulia governor (and PRI party chair, Humberto Moreira).

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