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Grilled beef (cake)

6 October 2012

Life imitates art:  Roberto Palazuelos has made a career out of playing the yuppie scumbags in telenovelas, but at 45, is a bit over the hill for soap opera villainy, so seems to be pursuing his calling in real life.  Taking a cue perhaps from Dolly Parton, who traded on her wholesome image (and fond memories of her mammaries) to market her own resort complex, “Dollywood”, Palazuelos — who dubbed himself El Diamonte Negro — supposedly a reference to his tall dark and handsome schtick — has been pushing his own Yucatán resort complex, El Diamonte.

While advertised as an “eco-resort”, the property intrudes into Parque Nacional Tulum and — in theory — has been scheduled for eventual expropriation ever since the area was declared an ecological reserve back in 1981.  That the original sale to Palazeulos in 2000 by an elderly Mayan couple was in itself irregular, hasn’t stopped Palazuelos from continuing to develop the property.  Back and forth lawsuits flowed, along with raw sewage from the inadequate plumbing at the unfinished “eco-resort” which was closed by court order in 2008.  Leading Palazuelos — in the best traditions of TV villians —to go to then regional director of National Commission for Protected Areas (somewhat the equivalent of the U.S. National Parks Service) — and drop the hint that “somebody” would put a bullet in said regional director’s head.

From his gay-dissing days. No comment.

Which,  coupled with his reported admiration of Ronald Reagan, and deciding he was qualified to speak on gay adoptions (he was against them) somehow meant Palanzeulos appeared to be an ideal PRI candidate to run for Presidente Municipal of Tulum last year.  Though, for some reason, selling yourself as the local business executive fending off unreasonable federal mandates, just didn’t fly with the local party.  Maybe it wasn’t his year… his big political advantage is a friendship with Enrique Peña Nieto (they move in the same social circles, EPN being married to a telenovela diva). Which, he appears to believe, is reason enough to claim the court order expropriating the property doesn’t apply to him.

And make not-so.veiled threats against President Calderón.  And threatening to run for office again.

It’s not so weird that a “dancer and model” was arrested in Mexico City as part of an extortion ring.  What was weird is that there are tanning salons in Mexico City, which is where Armando González, aka “El Muñeco” (the boy toy) was picked up Wednesday by federal authorities on suspicion that he was the lookout for payoffs to the extortion ring.  One assumes he dressed inconspicuously…

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  1. 7 October 2012 12:26 am

    Now that is a twisted web…..

    Amazing, isn’t it, how there’s a class of people (north and south of the border, both) who believe the law simply doesn’t apply to them.

    Having received deference all their conscious hours, they’ve come to believe that this thing called ‘the law’ simply is for lesser people.

    By the way, “The Black Diamond” got me thinking about what may be one of the worst concepts of current times: A “luxury” office complex entirely black – Edificio Black.

    Yes, an entirely black building in the hot tropical sun of Yucatan. Anyone who’s ever even crossed a Yucatecan asphalt street in mid-day sun knows through the marrow of their bones, you don’t want to be black in that sun.

    Being the color black, Edificio Black may need double the AC capacity of a normal building to be inhabitable. “Yes, yes, we pay twice as much for energy as necessary, but that’s what a triple-A office building does, you know?”

    (Despite all scientific evidence to the contrary, the promotors claim:

    Con imponentes muros de granito negro, Black será un edificio ahorrador de energía, hecho con materiales naturales, creado para perdurar en el tiempo. )

    Anyway, I digress.

    La Costa Maya sees lots of illegalities on a fairly continual basis. But the jungle and fate have a way of evening the odds. “The Black Diamond” cannot win forever because no one lives forever. And as most pols are ‘hooked-up’ in Q.R., making wild threats is probably a poor idea, regardless of your BFFs in DF. And, anyway, isn’t it interesting that this is yet another connection between EPN, good-looking men, and boys -without- / with little clothing? oooops!

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