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Rush to judgement

5 November 2012

PAN party whip in the Chamber of Deputies, Luis Alberto Villarreal, is trying to convince his fellow PAN Deputies that they MUST pass the contentious labor bill THIS WEEK without any discussion.

Saying the bill has been held up by “special interests” he said “you must not waste any more time, and must pass the bill sent back from the Senate.”

Villarreal further added that his party “is in favor of dialog and agreement”, while at the same time also saying that “We will not let you spend more time.”

(Source: El Universal)

This was the bill the Calderón Administration tried to “fast track” though Congress within hours after the July election.

I guess groups like unions are “special interests” when it comes to labor issues, but there were complaints from the intellectuals, the left, the right, the center and unaffiliated workers as well as some business leaders about the original bill… all of them no doubt special in their own interesting way.

If, as Deputy Villarreal says, this bill is 42 years overdue, a few more weeks of discussion aren’t likely to change anything.



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