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Cubanos libres

10 January 2013

Via Machetera:

Cuba recently announced changes in their own restrictive laws on foreign travel, putting the U.S. anti-Cuba lobby in the United States in a pickle:

… the same politicians who slandered Cuba for decades, saying Cubans “can’t travel,” and even going so far as to draft laws meant to push disaffected Cubans to hurl themselves into the sea, are now rushing to figure out how to stop Cubans from arriving in the United States and, in case they manage to arrive, how to stop them from returning to Cuba..

Cubans can now spend up to two years abroad without losing any of their rights as citizens.  The U.S. … encouraging Cubans to “defect” gave Cubans, even “illegal alien Cubans” special rights under the Cuban Adjust Act of 1966, granting Cuban who entering U.S. territory automatic residency after a year and a day.  SO…

…while hundreds of Mexicans are hunted down in the land of the free by armed border guards, not to mention the armed vigilantes working on behalf of the repressive national system…

… the new spin from the anti-Cuba lobby isn’t that Cubans are being persecuted but that we need to persecute Cubans for going to Cuba. Miami Congress Member Iliana Lehtinen (who last appeared in Mexfiles as the one politicizing Lance Corporal John Hammar’s arrest in Mexico) argues:

One cannot say that one is subjected to political persecution in Cuba, and then go back to visit.

That, rather than say the obvious. Cuba has been getting by without the United States dictating its policies for the last fifty years, and that’s just not right.

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