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Cheapo-gate revisited

13 January 2013

D.E.A. stands for Decadence Enhancement Assistance?

Two U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents “facilitated a sexual encounter” between a prostitute and a U.S. Secret Service agent days before President Barack Obama visited Colombia for a summit meeting in April 2012 […]

[…]  a third DEA agent present on the night of the incident was not involved in procuring the prostitute for the Secret Service agent.


All three DEA special agents admitted that they had paid for sexual services of a prostitute,  the investigation also found, and “used their DEA Blackberry devices to arrange such activities.” In addition, the report says the agents tried to destroy incriminating information or initially lied to investigators about the incidents. All three agents have high-security clearances.

And the real scandal was the Secret Service tried to stiff the ladies.

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  1. 13 January 2013 2:47 am

    American government, at its finest.

  2. yin permalink
    15 January 2013 6:04 am

    Stiff the ladies! Pretty funny writing. I mean, that was the point all along wasn´t it?

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