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29 January 1990… a day that will live in infamy

8 April 2013

So, now we know who really inspired Margaret Thatcher… not Reagan, not Churchill, not Pinochet.  Carlos Salinas!

I don't think it's a mistake that he looks like Lex Luthor

I don’t think it’s a mistake that he looks like Lex Luthor

We first met, Mr. President, in Paris—a very good place to meet, in Paris—it was on a certain date, 14 July, there were something like 34 Heads of Government there and a lot of business was done that had nothing to do with Paris. And I remember your telling me then of your plans for tackling the problems of Mexico. They included deregulation, privatisation, encouraging foreign investment into Mexico, and of course dealing with Mexico’s debt. All along true private enterprise lines, all along putting power back to the people, deregulating and having orthodox finance.

You will understand when I say the message had a familiar ring and I can assure you that it would be successful and I know since then that you have pursued it very, very vigorously and already it has had great success as confidence in your country has been restored and many people who had previously taken their currency and their wealth out have now brought it back to Mexico, and industry is now going in there to invest for the first time for a long period and that you are privatising things and the people are realising the advantages of doing that.

So impressed was I that I actually obtained and read your first “State of the Nation Report”. It is indeed a very, very meaty document but also shows how your policies, in a very similar way to ours here, have been founded on your true beliefs.

If I might read from it, I am sure it would do our audience here a great deal of good to hear what other people believe in, as they have heard it so often from me.

It said this. “Mexico’s crisis showed us that a larger state is not necessarily a more capable state. A state that owns more is today not a fairer state. The reality is that in Mexico a larger state has resulted in less capacity to respond to the social demands of our fellow citizens. The size of the state was growing while the well-being of the people was deteriorating.” I think I will have to do a State of the Nation Report and put similar things also into writing.

Of course it was absolutely fundamentally sound and we rejoice that you set out your beliefs and then followed them sturdily and that they are meeting with such good results.

(Margaret Thatcher Foundation, “Speech at dinner for Mexican President (Carlos Salinas) 1990, 29 January

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  1. Mary O'Grady permalink
    9 April 2013 6:59 am

    If there were any justice in the world, Mrs. Thatcher would have ended her days on the lam.

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