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Sounds all too plausible

8 April 2013

Roberto D’Aubuisson, son and namesake of the El Savladorian right-wing death squad leader of the 1980 and 90s… and presently a congressman in El Salvador representing the party founded by his father, ARENA, is now accused of conspiring with the Venezuelan opposition to disrput that country’s upcoming presidential elections, and … according to  Venezuelan government spokesmen… to assassinate Interim President (and front-runner for the 14 April elections) Nicholas Maduro. 

The accusations are being taken seriously in both Venezuela and El Salvador.  Salvadorian Vice-President Salvador Sánchez Cerén is calling for investigation, though there is some political motivation, as Sánchez is a presidential candidate for Salvador’s ruling FLMN party.  D’Aubuisson rejects the accusations, claiming they are a “smoke screen” to divert the attention of the Salvadorian people from problems in Salvador.  Which sounds kinda convoluted to me.

I won’t say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, but when your dad’s nickname was “Blowtorch Bob” (in honor of his favored instrument of torture) and he openly talked about killing 300,000 of his fellow countrymen (and was the “intellectual author” of Archbishop Romero’s murder) … AND… when your brother was killed apparently because of ties to organized crime,  the lame rationale given by D’Aubisson Jr. is hard to accept at face value.

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