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Montezuma’s Revenge?

26 May 2013

The once-upon-a-time rich are not like you and I.

I suppose it’s only right that, having raped Tecuichpo Ixcaxochitzin, Hernan Cortés at least provided some monetary compensation… but whether Mexico should be paying the 15th generation descendants of the victim is another thing altogether.

The daughter of Tlalani Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin had gone through three husbands by the time she was 16. As a child, she had been married off to one of Motecuzoma’s courtiers, Atlixcatzin, who had died early in 1520. When her father was assassinated in June, she was married to his successor, Cuitláhuac. Cuitláhuac died of smallpox within a month, and the twice-widowed Tecuichpo then married Cuauhtemoc. At least that marriage lasted a little longer, Cuauhtemoc being forced to surrender to Cortés on 13 August 1521, but not being executed by the Spanish until February 1525.

Cuauhtemoc had extracted promises from Cortés to respect his family, but, Cortés was not exactly known for keeping his word. I suppose, it showed respect in the medieval thinking of the time, to have her prostelytized and baptized in the Catholic faith, and then married off to a Spaniard. Who, of course, left the now Doña Isabel Montezuma a four-time widow within a couple of months. At least she got a encomienda out of the deal… the profits from forced labor extracted from the then village of Tacuba.

Like the peons of Tacuba, Doña Isabel was seen as a valuable commodity. Thinking of the Triple Alliance of the Mexica as an “Empire”, to the Spaniards, who like other Europeans placed a high value on hereditary monarchy, she was an especially important commodity. A child of hers could claim the Mexican “throne”, if only as a vassal of the Spanish king.

Perhaps with that in mind, or perhaps just because he was a shithead, Cortés raped D70367-coveroña Isabel, who gave birth to a daughter, Leonor Cortes Moctezuma. It was probably a relief to the King of Spain, Carlos I, that Cortés “royal” child was a girl. Spain haonly been united under a single ruler since 1492, and Carlos was less King of Spain than King of Castile, AND King of Aragon AND King of Granada AND King of León AND the feudal lord of various entitites on the Peninsula like the County of Barcelona.

The various Iberian kingdoms had been ruled by women, and some had been ruled illegitimate children of previous rulers, but none by illegitimate daughters of king’s widows. So, the chances of Cortés trying to claim New Spain as his own, or to rule it through Leonor were probably nil (his illegitimate son, Martín Cortés would try to make himself King of New Spain, but Martín’s mother, “La Malanche” had no ties to the Aztec royal family” and, thus, no valid claim in the thinking of the time).

Still, recognizing that Doña Isabel Montezuma, or her descendants, could be a potential headache for the Spanish monarchy, Carlos had her pensioned off, making her a dependent of the Crown, and not of Cortés.   Leonor was farmed out to another Spanish family and Doña Isabel managed to get through a few more husbands before she died in 1550. Her will left 20 percent of the Tacuba pension to Lenore, twenty percent to the Church and the remainder to her oldest son (by husband #5), Juan de Andrade Gallego Moctezuma. Her two sons by husband #6 received lesser amounts and the two daughters (also by husband #6) received substantial dowries, but both entered a convent.

Naturally, Lenore’s son-in-law, Juan de Andrade Gallego Moctezuma, and her grieving widower, Juan Cano, all sued each other and the dispute has been passed down as a family heirloom ever since. Juan de Andrade’s family did pretty well for itself, becoming counts of Mirville, seeding a number of royal families with the Montezuma genes with a family seat in Granada. At least one Cano son also married into the titled class, leaving descendents scattered around Europe. Leonor’s descendents are mostly still in Mexico City. The only thing all the various descendents agree on is that, given that Carlos I promised a perpetual income, they should still be getting their cut of the annual payout of 250,284 ounces of gold… about 15 million pesos at today’s rate.

Mexico had assumed payment at independence, and kept paying up until 1934, when somebody finally noticed the expense and — with both the Great Depression and the Spanish Civil War as rationales — decided to stop payments. Franco’s government was never recognized by the Mexicans, and Mexico City hosted the exiled Republican government — the Republicans weren’t going to press for payment to a bunch of reactionary aristos, and the Mexicans would have ignored the (non-existant) Franco regime had they bothered to even ask.

Which doesn’t mean the Acostas of Mexico City, the Counts of Miraville and the various heirs of the Canos aren’t still hoping for a windfall. A Mexican lawyer, Alejandro González, representing the Miravilles said “Mexico MUST recognize their error in suspending the payments.” And why, exactly? Because… “Those Spaniards always think of money. We Mexicans don’t give a damn,” as Mexican historian Blanca Barragán Moctezuma — a Montezuma, but not one of the hopeful heirs of Isabel — succinctly put it.


(Pulso Digito)

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  1. David Adler permalink
    26 May 2013 8:37 am

    Today’s price for gold is 17,082.37 pesos per ounce.
    250,284 ounces would be 4,275,443,893.08 pesos, a trifle more than a mere 15 million.

  2. 26 May 2013 1:25 pm

    A Mexican Freemason was discovered to have 2.5 billion dollars in an American bank account.

    It is believed this money was ‘misappropriated’ from Pemex monies.

    This is just one that was caught; perhaps he was delinquent with his dues at the Lodge so he got a little Freemason ‘justice’.

    My point being, why worry about money being given fair and square to Mexicans that will spend that money in Mexico, or for the good of Mexico?

    The Arabs Freemasons bow to are raping all the world of much money, and squandering it within their borders, for their purpose with no real benefit to the world from whence it came.

    A tragic imbalance.

    Hernan Cortes was a Roman Catholic Man.

    Not perfect in every detail, but Roman Catholic all the same.

    He did not espouse Gnosticism.

    His generic inculcation was Roman Catholicism.

    Much unlike those that have joined Satan and his apostate Angels in their rebellion against God and His Christ.

    Your posts show you to be anti-Catholic and pro Gnostic.

    With the talent you have perhaps looking at subjects in an unbiased manner someday may lead you to Truth.

    My ancestors in Mexico did not join forces with Cortes because they were forced by him to do so, they joined because they hated the oppression, sodomy, and Death Satan placed upon them.

    Satan oppressive?

    What;s your reply?


  3. Bebe permalink
    26 May 2013 8:36 pm

    Wouldn’t they all have a better chance of asking Juan Carlos de Borbon? And by what calculation did the amount of 250,284 oz. of gold appear? I’m still amazed that Mexico paid the pension for over 100 years!

    • 27 May 2013 1:07 pm

      I think that was my mistake, Bebe… probably being the valuation of the property when Mexico agreed to take over the pension payments at independence. The Montezuma lawyer’s estimate was 900,000 Euros.

  4. 29 May 2013 11:53 am

    Amazing how bureaucracy perseveres over time, isn’t it?

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  6. 6 July 2013 10:29 am

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  7. Luz Romo permalink
    21 August 2015 10:35 pm

    Hola, ojo analicen todo lo que se escriba de la historia de Mexico y no permitan que los gringos y otros vengan a recrear nuestra historia a su gusto y parecer. Creo que debemos rescatar nuestra riqueza cultural y física, para que no nos cuenten mitos. Sabian que Isabel no dejo nada en su testamento para Leonor. Es mas, ni siquiera la reconoció como hija. Luego, fue su albacea Altamirano quien quizo compensarla dandole algunos ducados. Moctezuma no fue un emperador, mas bien un cabeza de estado elegido por su gente por ser un gran guerrero y sacerdote. Un gran estratega y visionario. Quizo salvar a su pueblo de la esclavitud que suponia inevitable. No contaba con las alianzas de otros pueblos indigenas con los europeos. Su pueblo lo ejecuto, para lavar nuestro honor, por lo que ellos consideraron traición. Las hijas de Moctezuma no eran ningunas princesas, al darles títulos nobiliarios, los españoles se aprovecharon del concepto del arrebato de un reino que presuponia grandes compensaciones. Por eso se casaron con ellas, y les dieron grandes encomiendas, porque al ser princesas despojadas eran oro solido, una gran inversion para los adelantados españoles. Ellas solo fueron objetos de la ambición desmedida tanto de Juan de Tolosa, Juan de Onate y Diego Arias de Sotelo entre otros. Solo analicen la diferencia de edades y cuando y donde fallecieron. Muchos de estos encomenderos y adelantados tenian a sus esposas e hijos españoles. Martin Cortes el primogénito europeo, no es aquel mestizo hijo de Malitzin. Solo basta ver como terminaron sus días. La mujer en general era analfabeta, mas aun la indígena. Los extranjeros del ayer como los de ahora, ya venian con jugosos planes de negocios patrocinados por las grandes bancas de Genova, de los Lomellini entre otros. Nada era casual, asi como ahora están despojando a los mayas de sus ejidos en la Riviera para convertirlos en grandes hoteles chinos donde los naturales sirven, así como venden los hidrocarburos y el subsuelo. También asi nos despojaron antes. Aclaro: los descendientes por linea materna jamas recibimos compensacion. Ademas etoy de acuerdo que todo Mexico fue desposado de alguna y mil formas. Sin embargo, la riqueza de Moctezuma era inmensa e invaluable en muchos terminos. El espiritu y fortaleza mexica logro en cien anos lo que hasta ahora solo los gringos han logrado. Mientras otros escriban nuestra historia siempre seremos unos brutos, canibales e idiotas. Nuestras mujeres menospreciadas y tildadas de lo peor. A mi me duele que nuestro patrimonio Mexico se pierda. Mis ancestros jamas recibieron un quinto de nada. La riqueza de la que hablan esta en el extranjero y en las manos de esos pocos que la administraron y en las manos de sus descendientes que las siguen administrando. Si quiero una compensación moral. Llevamos cientos de anos escuchando y leyendo porquerías de nuestros mayores. Leyendas e idioteces por doquier y se siguen propagando mitos en la seudo historia oficial. Exijo respeto para mi y para todos los mexicanos. Si conociéramos nuestras raices familiares y las de los que nos dan pan y circo, sabríamos muy bien de lo que les hablo.

  8. Edmund Caudillo permalink
    15 March 2022 7:52 pm

    I am a direct decendent of Moctezuma II from his daughter Leonor de Moctezuma.

  9. Edmund Caudillo permalink
    16 March 2022 5:27 pm

    I am a 15th great grandson decendent of Moctezuma II pls contact me @

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