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Trust the media?

27 May 2013


Kinda gross… even if they were selling “rat cheese”, it shouldn’t come with a rat, after all.  The photo was taken on a cell phone by a customer at the Supermercado Guaraní in Fernando de la Moya, Paraguay and appeared in that country’s largest daily, ABC, on 11 September 2012.

Strangely enough, the same rat, in the same food counter, with the same clerk … although with a change in the a logo on his shirt to that of  the government owned supermarket chain, PDVAL, appears in  today’s site… a Venezulean opposition site.  Besides changing the logo on the employee’s shirt, the photo was cropped to cut out the Paraguayan prices and a sign identifying the store as Guaranì.


I’m all in favor of an unfair and unbalanced media… TalCualDigital is perfectly free to claim that Government-owned groceries have hygiene problems (though, of course, they could be sued for libel).  That’s how a free press rolls.  Still… when you’re talking about the Venezuelan media…  I smell a rat.

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