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29 May 2013

Klippel said in the email that Gary’s Mexican court-appointed defense attorney suggested he try bribing Mexican authorities to have the case dismissed, telling him, “You know how it works in Mexico, right?”

Through the lawyer, Gary offered to pay Mexican authorities $3,500 and then upped the offer to $5,000 after being told the initial offer wasn’t enough, Larry Maldonado said.

In the end, neither bribe was accepted, he said.

Family of Mormon mom held in Mexico says she’s not guilty in drug case” Dan Nowicki, The Arizona Republic via Salt Lake City Tribune

We hear these stories every once in a while of “someone else” trying to smuggle marijuana (in this instance 12 pounds… five keys, maybe?) in some unsuspecting person’s baggage, or that, like in this case, the person “just happened” to be sitting in the seat on the bus where the dope was stashed.

Twelve pounds of marijuana doesn’t sound like a commercial quantity for export, and stashing it in bus seats doesn’t sound like a particularly profession shipping job, but… yeah… I’m sure our well-organized non-regulated agricultural export specialists do occasionally send out small orders, and perhaps they lay in wait for unsuspecting Mormon moms, but….

… when the spouse (who was initially charged with smuggling) takes up a lawyer’s not real smart decision to bribe a judge… and then publicizes that he paid a bribe, one is given to speculation as to exactly whether that Mormon mom wasn’t her neighborhood connection, or just looking for a little stress relief (she does have seven kids).


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  1. 29 May 2013 11:29 am

    Sounds like all the bus passengers are testifying on behalf of the lady. I’m burned up about this one for a couple of reasons:
    1) The family immediately going to the “if this was the US she would be free by now” route. No, as a Latina in Arizona if they found pot under her seat she would NOT be free by now.
    2) Acting as if Mexican officials did something wrong. You found drugs, you detain. Nothing out of the ordinary.
    3) “Mormon Mom” in every headline. Arizona news is doing it to say “she’s innocent” and others are doing it to say “hypocrite alert.” “Presbyterian brother” or “Methodist uncle” doesn’t appear in headlines when other folks are detained.
    4) Nobody seems to question the ethics of the husband for offering a bribe, just the alleged invitation to pay a bribe and the audacity to turn the bribe down.

    Aside from that, I’m sure if these relatively wealthy folks from Arizona can’t score local pot, then the war on drugs must be working.

  2. 29 May 2013 11:50 am

    Jason gives a good breakdown of some salient points, I think.

    There seems to be an undercurrent, of “well, she’s a Mormon, so she couldn’t have been carrying a bag of weed.” Given our recent familiarity with prominent Mormons’ drinking or gambling (“betcha $10,000!”), both prohibited by the religion, I don’t think “Mormon mom” works a shield for me. And what about that messy “Mormon murder” in the news for months? (Jody Arias) ufffff

    Maybe some kid was taking a stash back home and put it under the wrong seat, but still, it deserves proper investigation. The bribery thing, and subsequent publicizing of it, doesn’t help their case.

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