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We all need another hero…

30 May 2013

Strolling in Mexico was once a fine art form, and while going out for a Sunday or evening paseo is still a custom in many parts of the country (although today, sometimes we feel compelled to disguise a harmless cheap form of entertainment as something utilitarian like  exercise), Mexico City has become, more and more, a pedestrian-unfriendly place.


Pedestrians have been fighting a losing battle against automobiles, but… the low carbon footprint of… just footprints… is making a comeback in the city, thanks in part to superheroic effort by… Mexico City’s newest super-hero, El Peatónito:






(Sombrero tip to Fausta’s Blog)

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  1. Allen G, permalink
    30 May 2013 8:31 am

    Mazatlan is a wonderful tourist destination, but its´ not pedestrian friendly.
    The Malecon is the saving grace.

  2. Bebe permalink
    30 May 2013 12:25 pm

    Viva El Peatonito! El poder de una persona para hacer una diferencia….

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