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Old fashioned justice… really old fashioned

20 June 2013

When former Tabasco Governor Andrés Granier left office … and the state’s bank accounts wiped out (and no supplies in state hospitals, and state pensions unpaid), there was some questions raised that… oh… maybe, the ex-gov had “illicitly enriched” himself.

When several millions of pesos were discovered in cardboard boxes in the home of one state treasury official, and then the former state treasurer was detained trying to cross into the United States (with his lawyer in tow!) for some reason the federal prosecutors decided that maybe, just maybe, there was some funny business going on.

Granier, rather overwhelmed by the accusations, apparently, had flown to Miami… for reasons of health, naturally. For some reason (like he was an undesirable alien) he returned to Mexico City only to find that the Federal Prosecutors were waiting for him… ovviously with the intent to exacerbate his delicate condition.

Ensconced in a hospital, and unable to answer tedious questions in court, Granier’s lawers have sent the judge a complaint, warning of the danger of drawing conclusions before the facts are known.

Probably the last time a telegram was somewhat important in Mexican politics... the 1917 Zimmermann Telegram

Probably the last time a telegram was somewhat important in Mexican politics… the 1917 Zimmermann Telegram

All well and good, I suppose, but rather than show up in person to defend their client, the lawyers sent a telegram.

Yup… a telegram. There is a massive overhaul of the entire judicial system going on in Mexico (an excellent, short and readable overview here), but whether or not that overhaul includes updating some of these antiquated court procedures (like being able to respond to a summons by telegram) is probably something no one has ever asked.

I didn’t even know you could still send one.


sources: Aristegui Noticias, SDPNoticiasUnivision.


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  1. Bebe permalink
    24 June 2013 3:17 pm

    When I scanned this post and saw that that telegram pix, I immediately thought of the Zimmerman telegram (of course, your blog is about Mexico, so…). Then I read the caption ha! Barbara Tuchman’s book about the telegram and its consequences is an excellent read. One wonders why the Europeans were always underestimating Mexico.

    And why do los asquerosos always flee to Miami? Does Florida have some especially welcoming laws for dictators and robbers? Or is it because of all those aged haters of Sr. Fidel?

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