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Pol of the cloth?

20 June 2013

candidatoClothes make the man, or — just maybe — unmake him.  Noë Rodriguez Roldan, a PRI candidate for the Tlaxcala state legislature took part in a comedy skit during a campaign appearance in May.  In the skit, the candidate played a priest hearing confession.

While it’s unlikely that, as PAN state chair Sergio González Hernández will be able to have Rodriquez Roldan stricken from the ballot for his ill-advised foray into the dramatic arts, it is likely the state’s Elections Commission will have to consider something that is still an issue in Mexican politcs.

Although there have been some gaping holes knocked in the high “wall of separation” between Church and State here in the last several years, restrictions on attempts to suggest a denominational preference in elections is taken seriously. A few years ago, a priest was jailed (only for a day, though) for allowing his church building to be used for a party function. Of course, that was a minor party.

Real clerics (and religious in general, including nuns) have only been allowed to wear the distinctive garb that marks their profession in public since 1992, and are ineligible to run for public office. As far as I know, there’s no law against impersonating a priest.

The PRI can usually get away with whatever it wants (and generally does), but… and this is the odd thing… it’s the traditionally anti-clerical party, while PAN — which is making the complaint — is the heir to the Cristeros and still has a strong “piety wing”, more Catholic than the Pope.

Source: SDPNoticias

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