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Attn: bullies

3 July 2013

Well, that’s one way to deal with bullies.  In Guadalajara, Antonio Ortiz Guerra and Andrés Barba Olivas, both 15, disappeared 21 June, last seen getting into a taxi.

Their bodies were discovered the day before yesterday with a bullet in the back of their heads buried just outside a farm formerly owned by one of their schoolmate’s late uncle.  Ortiz and Barba, according to prosecutors had been bullying the unnamed son of José Ángel Carrasco Coronel, and dad decided it was time to stick up for his son.   Carrasco is an executive in the company for which his late uncle, Ignacio Coronel Villarrreal, served as chief financial officer:  Chapo Guzmán and Associates.

Well, I suppose there’s something that could be said about business organizations doing their part to end bullying in the schools, or the need for parental involvement, but I better not.




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  1. lesrainbows permalink
    3 July 2013 3:29 pm

    The only way for bullying to end or drop significantly is for everyone to become aware and be an active participant.
    I have a short book that deals with this issue, going from suppression to self empowerment. If you have a moment please read an excerpt and tell me what you think.

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