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Going Dutch?

3 July 2013

According to Jan-Albert Hoosten,  Latin American correspondent for  Dagblad Trouw and DPD De Persdienst Mexico has been far ahead of the curve when it comes to social legislation:

Here’s the funny thing about gay marriage in Mexico: as happened recently in Oaxaca, Colima and now in Yucatán, local courts are increasingly interpreting that the constitutional mandate of universal equality before the law should always prevail over state legislature concerning what constitutes marriage (which in many states is purely ‘a man and a woman’).

If this tendency continues, it won’t mean that gay marriage will be legalized, but that, according to the courts, it was never outlawed in the first place. Seeing as how Mexico’s constitution dates back to 1917, this could theoretically mean that, according to these ‘interpretations’, Mexico in retrospect is the first country in history to legalize gay marriage.

Take that, Holland! 🙂


Take it away Dutch boys ( Dwayne Verheyden,  Geert Verheijden and Maurice Rohan) performing with Max Baca on vocals:



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