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Ah, youth

15 August 2013


Young Mexicans may not read the newspapers, and they may get most of their information from our conservative television broadcasts, but they are hardly falling for the “official line” presented by the government and are much further to the left than the perceived mainstream.

(via Regeneración… my translation)

A national survey of young adults (18 to 29 years old), Cultura Política de los Jóvenes 2012 — prepared by  Colegio de México in collaboration with Berumen y Asociados — was based on interviews with 3250 young adults in 76 cities.

imagesAmong the more surprising findings was that 49 percent of young Mexicans do not read newspapers.  Of those who do read newspapers, a third are most interested in the sports section, 25.6% in the police section, and only 0.7% of young newspaper readers turn to the political columns.

Only 8 percent read nationally distributed  newspapers: El Universal, 8 percent; La Prensa, 1.5 percent; La Jornada, 1.1 percent; and Reforma and Milenio, both 0.8 percent.  The study reveals that 95% of Mexican youth reported through television.

Although about a third (32 percent) of young adults claim no political affiliation, over 90 percent “lean to the left” when asked about specific issues.  90 percent rejecting a sales tax on food and medication; 70 percent opposed to opening Pemex to private capital; 72 percent against religious instruction in public schools; 87 percent against  privatizing public services like water distribution;  and 78 percent  categorically rejecting the use of military force to maintain public order.

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