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Paybacks are a bitch…

12 September 2013

Via Mexico Trucker:

Interesting, but not unsurprising news coming out of Mexico this week as T21mx, an industry trade magazine is reporting that CANACAR is vigorously pursuing ratification of it’s 2009 arbitration action against the United States for it’s willful non compliance with the trucking provisions of NAFTA. The lawsuit seeks compensation for all Mexican carriers who have been damaged economically by the United States refusal to fully open the border as required under NAFTA,  and the Pilot Program that was established at the urging of US protectionist interests in an effort to keep Mexicans out of the country.


… and via Inca Kola News:

Enrique Peña Nieto: “Ready to accept a 5% royalty on revenues, mining people? Because if you don’t STFU right now, it’s going to be 7.5% minimum and 8% for precious metals.”

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  1. Bebe permalink
    13 September 2013 10:50 pm

    As long as these proposals actually benefit all the peoples, and aren’t merely a “give-with-the-right-hand, take-with-the-left-hand”…then maybe Peña Nieto has a good idea.

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