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A win for the wixárica?

13 September 2013

Once again, Inca Kola News scoops Mex Files.  Not that I mind… I’m on virtual vacation anyway):

In precedent-setting news from Mexico, First Majestic ( (AG) and Frisco (the Carlos Slim mining company) have had all their mining concession licences in the Wirikuta region suspended by Mexico, as the country’s beaks have come down in favour of locals who have been protesting for years about the concessions due to them being on sacred ground for indigenous peoples. La Jornada has the story here.

huichol-cerroThe Wikiruta is the territory occupied by the wixárica… the people better known as the Huicholes. While best  known for using peyote in their religious practices (and being pestered by foreign tourists who have torn up the desert landscape seeking the slow-growing rhizome) more important to the wixárica has been the land itself, which they see as integral to their understanding of the sacred. Not at all unsophisticated, in recognizing that the long fight against environmental encroachment and a world that sees the land not as a sacred being, but as a commodity to be bought and sold, have begun training their own cadre of warriors — sending off many of their best and brightest to law school.

And sometimes they win.

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