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“White Tamale”?

21 October 2013

Can we all drop the pretenses now? If Peña Nieto still trusts Obama to “investigate the accusations and to punish those responsible,” one has the feeling he’s going to be waiting as long as Fox did for Bush to push through an immigration bill… i.e., ain’t gonna happen.

The revelations, published by Der Spiegel (English version here) are shocking… not in the sense that it’s a shock that the U.S. was spying on Mexican elites (they’ve been doing that since the 1820s) and that the U.S. maintains “collection centers” on Mexican data… within Mexico (right next door to the U.S. Embassy on Reforma, if you are looking for it), but that the purpose is so nakedly mercenary…

Just how intensively the US spies on its neighbors can be seen in another, previously unknown operation in Mexico, dubbed “Whitetamale” by the NSA. In August 2009, according to internal documents, the agency gained access to the emails of various high-ranking officials in Mexico’s Public Security Secretariat that combats the drug trade and human trafficking. This hacking operation allowed the NSA not only to obtain information on several drug cartels, but also to gain access to “diplomatic talking-points.” In the space of a single year, according to the internal documents, this operation produced 260 classified reports that allowed US politicians to conduct successful talks on political issues and to plan international investments.

"Crawling Back To You", © 2012-2013, "Shadowglove,

“Crawling Back To You”, © 2012-2013, “Shadowglove,

Trade Partner… HAH!  To “plan international investments” sounds like the U.S. was (and probably is) looking not at Mexican issues related to its own national security (which one would think was the mission of something called the “National Security Agency”) but to spin leverage U.S. financial investments to their own advantage, and the disadvantage of Mexico. U.S. and Mexican interests may coincide from time to time, but any claim that the United States is a “partner” with Mexico is only true if the partnership is that between a dominatrix and her “slave”. And “White Tamale”? Stereotyping anyone? Unless Peña Nieto is a masochist, there needs to be something more than “demanding an investigation into the matter”.


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  1. 21 October 2013 7:55 pm

    Are the Mexicans shocked because they never spy on the United States?

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