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“An unbreakable link…”

22 October 2013

One of our favorite people, Irish President Michael Higgins (how can you not love a poet who looks like the Leprechaun … and in his Irish lilt spouts thoughts that could have come from Andres Manuel López Obrador, or Evo Morales?) is on a state visit to Mexico this week.

higginsSpeaking at the monument to the San Patricios, Higgins spoke of the “unbreakable link” between the two countries cemented by the Irish Heroes of 1846-48. There is that, of course, but as two traditionally agrarian Catholic cultures exploited, overrun and occupied by English-speaking Protestants — and forced by the economic exploitation of those neighbors to become dependent on overseas workers … and victimized by “free trade” economics in recent years… not to mention our mutually bloody uprisings against the native and foreign exploiters in the early 20th century… yeah, we have a bond.

(Irish Independent)

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