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Things fall apart, the center cannot hold: Honduras

22 October 2013

A well-written overview of what’s happening in one American country — where people have just been too locked into two political parties (not all that different from each other) controlled by the elites… until the Conservatives used a supposedly legal method, but one hardly within democratic traditions, to prevent social changes supported by the people.


Hermano Juancito:  Here come the elections: !:

During most of the twentieth century, except for military coups, political power in Honduras alternated between the two parties. For many reasons, the parties often ruled with a strong patronage system.  Vote for me and I’ll see to your wellbeing. Tammany Hall had little on Honduras.
But something happened in 2009 when the elected President, Mel Zelaya, was overthrown by a coup and escorted out of the country. Zelaya, a Liberal Party president, from a rich cattle-ranching family, move to embrace more populist positions which made him unpopular with the economic and political elites who ruled Honduras.

Whatever you may think about Zelaya, the coup unleashed something that was unthinkable – the break-up of political system which assured the sharing of power between the two major parties.


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