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If you want to rob a bank, own a bank

12 January 2014

Veracruz lawyer José Luis Arauz Lara, represents a client who deposited 100,000 pesos (about 8000 US Dollars) in a branch office of HSBC outside Veracruz, only to have the bank “lose” the money.  The bank would give no explanation of how they misplaced the money, nor would they do anything to rectify the client’s account.  So,  rather than sue, Arauz, on bank-robbery-taking-place-in-the-wild-westbehalf of his client filed criminal charges for theft against the bank.  Which convinced the Judge of the First Instance of the Sixth Judicial District of Veracruz to take the unusual step of seizing what might be evidence, might be stolen goods, or might be just enough to cover the clients losses from the Boca del Rio branch office.

HSBC will get their teller windows back, when they “find” the client’s money.   Who says Mexican justice isn’t always just?


Source:  Veracruzano gana juicio contra HSBC por robo; embargan tres cajas a sucursal, Pluma Libres (Veracruz), 11 January 2014

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