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When will they ever learn?

13 January 2014
Photo:  Norm Betts/Bloomberg

Photo: Norm Betts/Bloomberg

Excellon’s  Bermejillo (Durango) La Platosa silver mines were last in the news in July 2012, when Excellon finally agreed to pay compensation to  Ejido La Sierrita — which owns the land where the mine is located and was teetering on the verge of bankruptcy — and the union, which had joined together in blockading the mine over health and safety issues, among other complaints.    In October of that year, following forced union elections in which a more company-friendly slate of leaders was “elected”  the blockade.  Scab replacements entered the mine under military escort, and the blockade  was  forcibly removed, resulting i 300 injuries and numerous arrests.   In April 2013, shortly after the Mexican courts had ordered Excellon to return 1100 hectares the company had rented from La Sierrita under questionable circumstances, the Ejido sent representatives to Excellon’s shareholders meeting in Toronto:

In advance of the shareholder meeting, the Ejido presented three shareholder resolutions asking for a change in governance. Excellon, however, refused to present the proposals to its shareholders. The proposals called for full disclosure of payments related to its Mexican operations, separation of board and management, and the election of a director specialized in human rights.

One might also mention that as a result of all this, Excellon was threatened with lawsuits by investors in Canada, who complained that the untimely reporting of problems at the site could adversely affect their portfolio.
Via EFE:

Mexico City, Jan 11 (EFE).- Two miners died and three others were injured by an electric shock in a silver mine in the northern Mexican town of Bermejillo, the National Union of Mine and Metal Workers said Saturday.

In a communique, the union said the accident occurred in a mine operated by the Canadian firm Excellon Resources around 7:15 p.m. Thursday, though the company failed to report the accident until the following day.

In its report, Excellon said that after the accident, the workers were immediately taken out of the mine and rushed to a hospital, where two of them died.

“Both employees were experienced and well trained, so that words cannot express the depth of our sorrow for their loss,” the company said.

But according to the union, the short-circuit was “caused by a lack of supervision, non-existent safety measures and the scant interest in such matters on the part of the company” and the municipal, state and federal governments.

The union called on federal authorities to “stop the constant violations” by Excellon Resources, a company that for years has committed “systematic violations” against “workers’ rights in terms of hygiene, safety and freedom of association.”

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