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Scenes from the Class War

1 March 2014


Give me liberty, and give me free parking!

Five were arrested and several injured when rich guys in an upscale section of Coyoacán attacked police officers sent to protect workers installing parking meters.

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  1. 1 March 2014 6:32 pm

    I felt a little like that a couple of years ago when parking meter people came around and put dots of red paint everywhere they intended to plant a meter, including right outside our house. I was glad it didn’t happen, but then I wasn’t really expecting it to, either. Not worth getting arrested for, for sure.

  2. 1 March 2014 11:28 pm

    If the middle class and the poor have to pay for parking, then should the rich. Too bad meters cannot tell the relative wealth of the individual who is parking. The rich should insert mas centavos for the same length of time the meter is set for those of less economic means……….

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