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Apple appeal

7 March 2014


The wonders of “free trade”…

Arturo Rivas, an orchardman in Guerrero, Chihuahua cannot sell his apples to local supermarkets because they’re buying U.S. apples (usually picked by Mexican workers). Rivas’ apples are 70 pesos a box… picked by Mexican workers… in Mexico.

If you want fresh Mexican apples, Arturo’s cell phone number is 656-332- 4353.

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  1. NORM permalink
    8 March 2014 7:43 am

    Dumping: selling things in an export market for less than they sell for in the home market; we never pay less than $12 USD a box for apples here in Ohio, where we grow a ton of them… If your friend can not sell his apples at 80 pesos a box because he is being undercut on price, he needs to find out what the local store’s US apple sourced apples are selling for in the area where they are grown. Dumping is the bane of free trade .

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