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The thrill that will getcha, when you get your picture

19 March 2014

… on the cover of Proceso.

Several thousands of copies of the latest edition of Proceso, feature a photo of a rather sad-faced Eruviel Ávila, governor of the State of Mexico were bought out in both the Federal District and Guadalajara, either by fans of the governor, or… more likely… by those who wanted to keep the public from reading the cover story, headlined “Blood Feud in the State of Mexico: In the administration of Eruviel Ávila, like in the previous Enrique Peña Neito administration, narco-gangs kill for the loot.”

PROCESO-1950-192x250A few years ago, when Proceso had a cover story about poltical times to the gangsters by some of our Sinaloa politicians, the distributor was forced to sell the entire Sinaloan allotment to masked gunmen… that’s right, I said sell. They paid cash, by the way.

I suppose this is another of those “no news is good news” when the news is going to be bad, but this seems a rather inefficient way to censor the press. Whatever happened to just bribing the reporters?

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