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Open communications

28 April 2014

Wish I could have been there…

Opposition to the “reforms” in telecommunications which basically lock in the media monopoly held by Televisa and… much worse… give the Executive branch of the federal government the ability to censor media (and personal communications) for undefined “security” reasons from across the board.  Not only conseratives (like Senator Javier Corrall), but the Cardenás family (Cuautemóc and his son Lazaro) from the traditional left, Catholic intellectuals like Javier Sicilia and mainstream journalists like Denise Dresser… along with a smattering of everyone else.

Protests in Saltillo were led by Catholic priests, and there were major protests in several major cities.

Democracy does not end at the ballot box… heck, it hardly begins there (as perhaps Andres Manuel López Obrador would remind us, though still recovering from a heart attack, he spends more time going to court than to the streets to protest the administration).




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  1. 28 April 2014 12:23 pm

    I agree one hundred percent.

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