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Who watches the watchers?

21 June 2014

McClatchy (via Raw Story) reports on the investigations into wrong-doing in the Border Patrol’s internal affairs division… a sordid mess by all accounts.


I’m not in the least surprised that what had been a small federal agency, turned into a bloated paramilitary unit to satisfy the “know nothing” crowd that panicked when they started to hear Spanish spoken in places like Iowa, then into a boondoggle for federal bureaucrats and “suppliers” after the “PATRIOT ACT” gave cover to all kinds of ridiculous police state measures, it’s no wonder. Warm bodies… “boots on the ground”… whether they knew anything about the border or not (or had any inkling of what they were supposed to do) were apparently the most politically expedient “solution” to whatever the problem really was… whether or not they resolved anything being immaterial.

That the Border Patrol has only made things worse is something I expect this present administration will attempt to resolve with… more Border Patrol agents.  I still say just bring back the Apaches:



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  1. Brad permalink
    29 August 2014 3:02 pm

    thats a great pic. but they were a border patrol b4 that even when we were only 13 colonies. you went into indian country you didnt come out. so any americans complaining about immigrants remember we were immigrants in the beginning too and even the native americans couldnt stop us from going where we wanted to. i really say stop the border wars and legalize all drugs. trying to control people doesnt help anything. but with the prison businesss today that wont happen. poor prison companies need clients and to be able to rip off our tax money.

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