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23 June 2014

The always perceptive Bud Kennedy (Fort Worth Star-Telegram) on the scaremongering among right wing Texans over refugees from Central America:


In one vicious email, the McKinney-based North Texas Tea Party warned of “epidemics across the country,” as if only Central American children get sick, even though some come from countries with better immunization rates than Arkansas or Oklahoma.

[Dan] Patrick, who has ridden immigrant-bashing from talk radio to the Texas Senate and his party’s nomination for lieutenant governor, issued a statement decrying the “potential for disease” and then quoting a U.S. Border Patrol union mouthpiece reporting children found with chickenpox, staph and viruses.

So only Central American children have chickenpox or lice?


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  1. 23 June 2014 7:33 am

    If the children were illegal English homeless coming over by boat in droves, The U.S., Texas included, would have no problem. The Statute of Liberty’s historical and true meaning would be invoked once again, with no opposition.

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