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Ronald Reagan’s revenge… refugees

26 July 2014

John Peeler in the L.A. Progressive:

What with all the Republican bloviation about the crisis on our Mexican border, about the hordes of brown children coming across and threatening our National Security, it is easy to lose sight of our own responsibility for this situation.

The three countries from which the vast majority of these kids come are just the three (Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador) on which Ronald Reagan spent billions in military aid during the 1980s, allegedly to block the Sandinistas of Nicaragua from imposing “Cuban-style communism” on Central America. What we got for our money was three countries with sham democracies dominated by the military establishments that we fostered.

Please note that refugees are not streaming in from either (mostly) Capitalist Costa Rica, nor from (mostly) Socialist Nicaragua, but from the countries where the U.S. has imposed its political and military “solutions” on problems of its own making.

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