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18 August 2014

With oil reserves dropping in Mexico (and somehow we¿re supposed to buy the argument that more exploitation means more oil), PEMEX plans for facking move ahead.  According to Regeneration and PEMEX documents, areas where fracking will occur spread over seven states … mostly in the water-scarce, and agricultureally dependent north, while a second fracking site is located on the earthquake-prone Oaxaca-Veracruz border.

While the connection between fracking and earthquakes is highly probable, but not proven beyond a shadow of a doubt (enough in a criminal case for an indictment in the U.S., or preventive detention here), there is no question of the dangers to the water supply.  Such as it is.  This in a country where people kill each other over water rights.


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  1. NORM permalink
    18 August 2014 3:27 pm

    Fracking is nothing new. I was fracking oil wells here in Ohio in 1982, I was called a fracker when I was fracking and a cementer when I was cementing. It was all a long time ago. It is not new. Now, the horizontal drilling, that is new. Today, the oil/gas men drill down to the oil/gas bearing rock and send the drill bit sideways through the oil/gas bearing rock, sometime for a mile or more. This well then gets 40 or 50 individual frack jobs along that horizontal bore . Fifty old time wells off one bore, there is far less damage to the surface from the modern method over the old one where we punched a well every thousand feet. Fracking is safer to our environment than most of our current industrial process. I worked in a steel mill most of my working life-now that was a dirty industry. Fracking is not going away, the best hope we can have is to lobby for tight regulation of the drilling process, cementing process and the production process. Regulations with teeth.

  2. 10 January 2015 4:49 am

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