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A silly, silly man

24 October 2014
Adrián Rubalcava Suárez apparently is into cos-play:  in his case, dressing up like a U.S. Marine, and prancing about looking ferocious.  Which I suppose is rather harmless, but Adrián Rubalcava Suárez — A PRI delagate for Cuijimalpa in the Federal District, doesn’t like it when the media publishes photographs of Adrián Rubalcava Suárez at play.
While this photo of Adrián Rubalcava Suárez pursuing his eccentric hobby is oneAdrián Rubalcava Suárez posted on his own facebook page,Adrián Rubalcava Suárez has … uh… issues with another photo… specifically this one …
cuajimalpawhich was published in Sin Embargo in connection with a story on Adrián Rubalcava Suárez and other supposedly “Green Party”  officials (the Greens and PRI are allied)  who enjoy hunting, and other not-so-green activities in their spare time… of which they seem to have plenty.
It seem Adrián Rubalcava Suárez doesn’t have the time to complain about the photo himself, but that

Adrián Rubalcava Suárez does have the time to send a lawyer (or a guy claiming to be a lawyer) to Sin Embaro to make threats and send demands that Sin Embargo take down publication of this photo:
and this one…

Sin Embaro speculates that Adrián Rubalcava Suárez, hoping to be the PRI candidate for Jefe de Gobierno (Federal District Governor) in the next election wants to keep his private life private.  But, then really, can Adrián Rubalcava Suárez honestly expect to be a candidate for public office, without photos like… oh…

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