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She can lift my luggage

26 November 2014
Photo: @JVeracruz2014

Photo: @JVeracruz2014

Getting ready to move my library, I’ve got three boxes on the floor here weighing a bit over 30 kilos each.  Figuring out how I’m going to wrestle them down a flight of stairs, into the car, drive them to the shipping service, and get them in the door is an “weighty” concern.  I need to get ahold of Tania Mascorro Osuna of la Reforma, Sinaloa,.  SHe won a gold medal in women’s weighlifting at the Central American/Caribbean Games being held this week in Veracruz.  Ms. Mascorro set a new record in the 75 and over kilo division, lifting 118 Kilos (about 260 pounds).

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