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27 November 2014

When Peña Nieto made the mistake of traveling to China and Australia to participate in the recent Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and G-20 summits in the middle of the present crisis, Obama welcomed him with open arms and chose to plant trees side by side with him at China’s Yanqi Lake. Indeed, viewed from Mexico, the sight of Obama and Peña Nieto shoveling dirt side by side gave the impression that they were working together to fill in the numerous mass graves that have been discovered around Iguala in recent days.

I have nothing to add to John Ackerman’s “Why America Is to Blame for Mexico’s Carnage and Corruption” (Foreign Policy, 26 November 2014) except that the present problems go back much further than the Peña Nieto administration. I’d date them at least back to Calderón and George W. Bush’s “Plan Mérida” (meant, like the U.S. War Against Iraq to give legitimacy to a dubious electoral victory) or even the Reagan Administration’s “blessing” the obviously tainted Salinas de Goutari “election”.

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