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Mexiko, Mexiko über alles…

7 December 2014

As we all know, the Germans have the best teachers in the world. But who is Germany’s best teacher?

According to the 28,500 members of the University of German Universities, that would be the mathematician and economist who heads the Department of Artificial Intelligence at the Free University of Berlin… who has been fiddling around with robotics lately, creating cars you can drive from your I-phone, and … working on ones that can be controlled by brain waves alone. Pretty nifty German science, right? But not entirely just playful sci-fi.

“I confess to designing [the brain-driven car] on a whim. I just wanted to know if it was possible … We did it and now we want to develop a system for a wheelchair that can be conducted with the brain of a disabled”, said the good Herr Doktor Professor.

Of,  did I forget something.  Germany’s best teacher is not a German, but a Mexican migrant worker:  Dr. Raúl Rojas González.

Photo:  El País

Photo: El País

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