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“When things are tough, the wins are richer…”

28 February 2015

Esther Klein Buddenhagen (From Xico) writes on “Mexico’s Night at the Oscars”:


indexThose of you who watched the Oscars last Sunday probably saw Alejandro González Iñárritu give his very short speech. In case you didn’t, or in case you forgot, González Iñárritu won the award for best director and his film for best film…

He said, “I want to dedicate this award to my fellow Mexicans, to those who live in Mexico, and I pray that we can find and build the government that we deserve.” 

He also said, “I just pray that they [immigrants in the US] might be treated with the same dignity and respect as those who arrived before and built this incredible nation of immigrants.”

Quite a lot of people in Gringolandia as in Mexico noticed and commented.

From Xico quotes Jorge Ramos writing in Reforma:

“We Mexicans are good at partying. Our fiestas are inversely proportional to our squabbles. The more problems there are, the more we enjoy partying. In Labyrinth of Solitude, Octavio Paz wrote:

‘It is significant that a country as sad as ours has so many and such lively fiestas. For us, the fiesta is an explosion, an outburst … There is nothing more lively than a Mexican fiesta.’

“But, also, our fiestas are a form of protest. We take advantage of them to complain and let off steam. Once again Paz:

“In the swirl of the fiesta, we explode. More than opening up, we tear ourselves open.”

“Iñárritu’s speech in accepting one of the Oscars channeled the anger and frustration felt by many Mexicans on both sides of the border…”
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