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Our far-flung correspondents

3 March 2015

Our 300th wordpress “follower” is farifahad06:my life, my opinions… the musings of a Pakistani woman bravely trying to avoid the negativity brought on by the annoyances of daily life:

People say it is important to meditate on daily basis for some time. Especially if you think your life, mind and surroundings are not working the way you want them to be. You should meditate but then there are so many days when you do not want to get rid of the anger that is consuming you.

Sometimes, life throw such situations at you that you keep on thinking the reason of those incidents for a long period of time. I don’t know if getting out of this situation is difficult or I myself don’t want to get out of it. Coz if I am afraid that if I will get out of this situation I will forget about what happened, than I might invite other bad things in life. I might start loving some other thing and that thing will be snatched from me once again.

Last Wednesday, my brother’s car got stolen…


I believe people get used to of living without things as easily as they get used to of living with things. But then again, that car would always keep us fearful of losing the things we love and make us realize that in this cruel world, one cannot live without facing such difficulties. No matter how hard we try, we earn, we save and we buy things that we love, it is very easy for one coward to steal and turn our lives upside down in moments.

I don’t know if any hope can be generated from these all circumstances and let me say that at this time at this moment, I don’t want to generate any positive thoughts in my mind. I want to mourn the loss and I want to think again and again that nothing is permanent in this world And as I am always eager to say that all of your sadness can be turned in happiness in just blink of eyes. Today, I want to be a pessimist and say it goes vice versa. Anything can be snatched from you in moments and all you can do is to burst in tears and look at your bare hands and live with the loss.

Although I write very little about my personal life, focusing instead on my outside-inside view (as a stranger in a strange land) of the culture and political situation around me, I appreciate hearing the “inside voice” of those who live with the same sort of dilemmas and uncertainties of any of our lives, face the same sort of crises we all do, and who remind us that whether we live in a wealthy nation like the United States, or less wealthy ones like Mexico or Pakistan, the best we can do is to accept what life throws our way with a bit of grace and good humor.

A copy of Gods, Gauchupines and Gringos will be on its way to Pakistan as soon as Fari sends me a mailing address.

With 200 followers from “facebook”, just over 300 now on wordpress (the latest, a Kenyan political blog, kenyapoa) and close to 100 email only followers, there are two more copies of GGG to send out… to the 100th email follower and the 600th overall follower.


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  1. Valerie Moore permalink
    3 March 2015 12:21 pm

    Sorry about the theft of your brother’s car. You have every right to be angry. “Grace and humor” are gifts to treasure,though. Don’t let anyone rob you of those for too long. 🙂

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