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7 April 2015

What did these diplomats think they stood to gain by getting themselves into a pissing war with United Nations human rights officials?  Mexico comes off looking like a petty rogue state digging in against world opinion. Whatever happened to the high road?

Kelly Arthur Garrett… a long-time correspondent and reporter here in Mexico (back when the Mexico City News was a real newspaper) is back with his own blog, usually covering the newspaper trade here.

Well worth reading is his take on the dust-up between the UN’s “Special Rapporteur for Human Rights” and Mexico’s foreign secretariat. The UN diplomat, Juan Méndez, issued a report calling torture in Mexico “generalized”. The foreign secretariat, and Foreign Secretary Juan Antonio Meade, launched an attack on Méndez’ personal integrity in saying what everyone knows is true, and he simply documented. UN 1, already low reputation of the present Mexican administration, -1.

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