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LADIES…. please!

2 June 2016

No doubt Aguascalientes state congressional deputy Norma Guel Saldívar (PRI) was just feeling generous.  There she was, along with her brother, the PRI’s former state chair, and now a federal judge, distributing “dispensas” — food boxes — to the deserving masses, when they were rudely interrupted by PAN candidate Norma Zamora Rodríguez.  Well, it’s not like the Guels were exactly passing out cash bribes, though Ms. Zamora had to spoil the afternoon charity benefit by calling FEPADE, the Fiscalía Especializada Para la Atención de Delitos electorales (Special Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes).  Rather unsporting.

Ms. Guel is the blonde in the polka-dot blouse.  Ms. Zamora the one with the pony tail and brown slacks.


And now you know why bars are closed here on election day!

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  1. 2 June 2016 11:50 pm

    No winning here!

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